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Our Story

The Big Idea

With a clear vision to create treasured tableware that sparks joy, our team spent a little over a year researching and developing products that are refreshing, one of a kind and timeless. We partnered with family-owned manufacturers in Portugal, who along with being seasoned professionals, shared our commitment to provide quality craftsmanship, artisanal skills and unique designs at affordable prices. 

Our Goal: to add cheer to our clients’ every day dining experience. 

Meet Our Founder

Sameen Raza Rizvi is a Toronto-based fashion designer, who has always had a keen eye for aesthetic design and attention to detail. Over the years, she developed an ardent love for hosting and creating visually appealing tablescapes. Despite the many compliments she received, she noticed a dearth of curated essentials in the tableware market; the overwhelming variety and underwhelming styles available lacked appeal and utility. This is when she saw an opportunity to start Siin Ain (pronounced Seen Anne)– a modern tableware brand, combining her timeless, minimal aesthetic with an appreciation for unique craftsmanship that’s long-lasting, yet affordable. 

Meet Our Founder

"Sharing meals with loved ones will always be a heartwarming element of the human story; connections are forged, stories are shared and grievances are put to rest. At Siin Ain we hope to add to this uplifting experience" - Sameen Rizvi (Founder)

Our Mission

Timeless pieces at affordable prices

Acquiring tableware that can last through evolving trends and be passed on as an heirloom doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

A harmony between luxury and versatility 

High-quality designs without monotony. Make the Siin Ain tableware your own; mix and match to suit your lifestyle and celebrate different milestones. 

Commitment to add art to your table

Partnering with highly-skilled manufacturers in Portugal, our dedicated team makes sure each piece is unique and hand-finished.

Focus on thoughtful design with functionality

The Siin Ain tableware is designed to be used over and over again. It is not just limited to special occasions; the minimal aesthetic is authentic to daily life.